Home to Me

When I came to Sophia, I knew I was at a special place, a place that would mean something to me, something greater than I could explain. As I pulled onto the property, a sense of peacefulness came over me and I felt as if I had come to the loveliest place on earth.

I was shocked that Airbnb has such amazing properties listed and knew why Mary and Sophia had 5 stars. Mary greeted me warmly and as I unloaded all of my crates to my cozy, quiet resting place, I felt like I was coming home from a hard journey. I was on a trip of a lifetime and I had traveled from Memphis, TN to the Four Corners in search of something beautiful and hopefully enlightening.

I was tired from years of stress and hard work, and the completion of my higher education, so I took a master journey that began as 3 weeks and carried on for 4 months. Sophia is where it all began. I spent time getting to know the property, meditating at the labyrinth, and allowing myself to be absorbed into the clouds. Walking around, I could feel the energy beneath my feet and the warm feeling inside my chest. There was something special about her, our beloved Sophia, and the way she comforted me from my loneliness and fatigue as I had never hiked like this and now, I was exhausted! Sophia filled me up and everyday was a bigger adventure than the day before.

At night, I would lie under the big, beautiful sky, and watch the stars grow brighter. It is truly the most beautiful place to see The Milky Way! I would lie out on my yoga mat for hours and stare at the brightly lit sky. I had never seen the Milky Way, not like that. You needed no telescope or fancy equipment. It was extraordinary. Sophia was so safe and cozy that I would fall sleep outside under the stars praying and meditating on their beauty.

Living in Memphis for 20 years, I never fell asleep outside, it is not safe, but at Sophia, my fears melted away. I had practiced Mindfulness for years, unsuccessfully, but found success at Sophia. Ten years of practice and within one day at Sophia, I had become Mindful. It was a joyous reward.

I left Sophia to go to AZ for more adventures, and unfortunately, suffered a great loss. My father died 7 days later and I was unable to get home for the funeral. In my grief, I longed for Sophia as there was nowhere else I had felt such peace. I was far from home and yet I still needed the comfort of a home.

I booked Sophia, emailed Mary, and told her about my loss. Mary said, “come home, we will be waiting for you”. I cried from AZ to CO, but the closer I got to Colorado, the better I felt. Finally, I made it to my beloved Sophia. I opened the door, stood up, and there was Mary with Sheriff Joe (Mary's pug) waiting with her arms open.  She held me. I cried. Joe licked me. I was home.

I spent a week a Sophia resting and staying close to the property, and it renewed my soul. I practiced Mindfulness and Meditation. I sat and stared at the beauty surrounding Sophia. I let her energy and light fill my soul. Once renewed, I set back on my journey and embraced the quest of adventure with more energy and a higher vibration.

I think that is what Sophia does best, she vibrates around, within, and through you until you are feeling tidal waves of peace and love in your heart again. Sophia brought me back to the living and helped me channel my grief to a higher vibration that transformed itself through love.

Before my great journey was even a consideration, a famous psychic in New Orleans told me that I would be moving and leaving my home and she saw me in a home. It would be a special house, with a Mother Mary figure and she raised her arm like Joan of Arc and said it will be important to you and your life’s purpose. She said I was in store for change, a big move for me and it would lead me to my destiny path.

Although I did not believe it at the time, it was true. I found a beautiful home on a mountain, a Mary full of love and grace, a statue of Michael with arm raised in power pose, and peace that I cannot explain in words. I love coming back to Sophia. I love to sit and look at the clouds while feeling the breeze, or dozing off under the brightest stars of The Milky Way, or walking the Labyrinth while the sun rises, as I do so often. I long for Sophia when I am away. It always feels as if I am coming home after a long trip to get wrapped in love and light. - - - Fran H.